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Ximdex 3.5 BETA !!! (English, Portuguese/Brazilian, German & Spanish version)

The main enhancements in this version are a new ontology browser and the Linked Open Data module XLYRE and a faster version of Xedit, our wysiwyg XML editor.

GIT repository (develop branch 3.5BETA) v3.5 BETA GIT releases Link

Ximdex 3.4 (English, Portuguese/Brazilian, German & Spanish version)

The most important improvements in this version are the new image gallery, parsing Apache Stanbol responses for enhance our documents, correction of some bugs and the brand new breadcrumbs on Xedit.

UNIX package file (.tar.gz) from GitHub v3.4 7.4 MB Download
GIT repository (master branch 3.4+, weekly build) v3.4+ +6K files Link